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I am an instrument of GOD I have been blessed with the ability to channel the healing energy of the ascended masters including Jesus Christ, Melchizdek the spiritual mentor of Jesus Christ, St Germain Master of the Violet Flame, Chohan of the Seventh Ray and many other spirits.

What is Spiritual / Energetic Healing?

Spiritual / energetic healing is a gentle, non-invasive healing method that can have profound affects on a person’s life. It is based on the holistic concept that our minds, bodies and spirits are connected. We have a physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body and all are interconnected.

Everything is made of energy including us. If one part of our energetic system is blocked or out of balance it affects the whole system. Spiritual / energetic healing balances the whole energetic system including the aura, chakras, meridians and organs.

Blockages can be caused by:

• Past or present traumas including physical, emotional, mental and / or spiritual.
• Negative self talk, sabotages and limiting beliefs
• Anxiety and stress
• Fears and phobias
• Generational (DNA / RNA) issues
• Lack of proper self care including diet, drugs, lifestyle

Blocked energetic systems lead to pain, illness, disease, depression, loss of vitality, loss of direction and motivation. When our energetic systems are blocked we limit ourselves from fulfilling our potential, achieving our goals and living the lives we desire. Instead we may find ourselves, ill, unhappy and depleted in physical, emotional and mental health.

Regular spiritual / energetic healing sessions can stimulate your bodies innate healing abilities, facilitate awareness and personal growth and bring about positive changes in overall happiness health and well being. Who wouldn’t want to balance their energy to live a more rewarding, peace filled, joyful life?!

Long distance healing via phone or WhatsApp

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Wheat Field
Meditation by the sea
Fall Foliage
Man Looking Out to the Mountains

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

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Brisbane, Australia


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Chas Rathaur

Peter Is a gifted spiritual healer, there are many healers that are able to heal but every once in a while a one is placed amongst us that can perform miracles. Peter is that someone! We all (including us healers) need healing and Peter is a both a healer of healers and non healers.
Contact him and be prepared to accept the new better you!


Audra Knoll

He is seriously amazing!!! If you ever want to try holistic healing, I would go here first.


Angela Byrne

I could feel the blocks as they were being removed. Peter gave me a lot of information and I would seriously recommend him.


Jatinder Singh

Peter is really a gifted healer, he helped me to heal my back pain and dissolve a fist like blockage. Thanks Peter.


Felt really good after having a session. Thanks Peter


Cecilia Baskaran

Although I am an Aura Healer myself, my spirit had been resonating at a very low frequency after a double surgery last Dec just before Christmas. For nearly ten days I had been praying for someone to heal me just as I guide others towards their healing and the heavens answered in the guise of Peter Hinton. I explained the issues of karmic debts and physical health that I was facing and Peter Hinton guided me through a healing with many Angels and Two Masters. As he guided me through, I saw the angels ministering to me and they removed karmic clutter from my spinal cord and between my legs and received soothing light energy which returned calmness and tranquility to my soul. If you need a break, tune in to Peter and he will guide you to your solution. Thanks Peter and God bless your journey.

 Karen Rizzo.jpg

Karen Cesario Rizzo

I had the privilege of being led to Peter. I’m a Healer as well. Begs the question; where to Healers go to Heal? Where do gifted individuals go to assist in breaking through their personal blocks in order to help others? We go to Peter Hinton, the Healer for Healers. This planet is in desperate need of more light. Peter possesses that light. His compassion knows no limits. During our session he wasted no time in helping me deal with some residual pain, and assist in pulling the deep roots, of lifelong painful issues, so I can shine my own light brighter. I felt the effects of our session immediately, and the effects are life changing. His selflessness is a gift for all. If you seek Healing and unparalleled compassion, schedule a session with Peter Hinton. I cannot recommend this amazing Healer enough. I’m so blessed to have been led to Peter. Thank you for shining your light so bright that I was able to find you!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Rachael Edwards.jpg

Rachael Edwards

I received a true gift of healing from Peter. It's the most relief I have felt in a long time. I recommend also taking a few days rest because you will need it but it's the best rest I've had in quite some time. If you are thinking about scheduling a session with Peter, I wouldn't wait.

Tammy Krantz Pohlman.jpg

Tammy Kranz Pohlman

I can’t recommend Peter’s energy healing sessions enough! He is truly gifted. He helped me find the root of my problems seeing what I could not. He is wonderful at helping show you what you cannot see. Sometimes the most complicated situations can be traced back to a beginning you weren’t aware of, but Peter can help you spot it! I left the session feeling lighter, positive, hopeful and energized with helpful simple steps to breaking my old patterns I had developed.

Laura Macicek.jpg

Laura Macicek

Love Peter. I was having some health issues that wouldn’t go away and kept going off my eating plan. After working with Peter my will power has been stronger than ever and the health issues we spoke of haven’t bothered me at all since. 
Give him a try and I think you’ll love him too.

Julie Nelson.jpg

Julie Nelson

I had my session with Peter on April 14 and he was fantastic! I left the session feeling light and worry free. It's not until Peter followed up with me a few days later and then today, that I realised the things I used to worry about haven't even crossed my mind. My healing has been so seamless and has just become a way of life. Thank you again Peter!! I'm so thankful for our session!
Forever grateful,
Julie 🙏

Melissa Hall_edited.png

Melissa Hall

What an amazing experience, it was a little slow to begin with but intensity grew as the days passed now feeling fkn amazing.
Peter was fantastic, very gentle and patient, personable and highly knowledgeable in realignment of chakras and releasing blockages and getting energy flowing again.
Highly recommend, much gratitude Peter. Back on track baby 🔥✌🏼

Annikka Emmanuella.jpg

Annikka Emmanuella

I had a healing session with Peter and I must say this was just what I needed to stabilize my energies. Thank you Peter for being my guide through my energy centers and clearing out my blockages. This gave me the push I needed to move forward on my path. He even checks up on you days after to see how you are doing. I would definitely recommend a healing with Peter. Namaste 🙏🏽

Suzana Ristivojevic.jpg

Suzana Ristivojevic

Peter is truly amazing and knowledgeable healer. His kindness and determination to help are great.He will guide you, help you, support you all the way.Thank you for a life changing healing session. 🙏🙏🙏🕊

Mary Schlaphoff_edited.jpg

Mary Schlaphoff

I had an excellent first session with Peter, and highly recommend his services. Peter is patient, deeply connected to Spirit, and able to combine that connection with a practical, down-to-earth wisdom that will allow you to heal past experiences and detrimental energies so you can move forward with your life. Particularly if you're uncertain about the idea of doing distance healing, I strongly recommend giving it a try. It works just as well as in-person. Maybe even better sometimes, when you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of doing a healing from anywhere you are.

Happy Hiking


I had a wonderful healing session with Peter yesterday via phone. Peter was able to talk me through and help release blockages and fears that I had been carrying with me for many years. Afterwards I felt lighter and more balanced than I can ever remember feeling. Thank you Peter for sharing your amazing gift of healing with us. I highly recommend Peter’s services.

Mishelle Armstead_edited.jpg

Mishelle Armstead

 I didn't tell Peter this but when I need to feel cleansed or reset I often find myself at the beach. No matter what is happening in my life I can find refuge here, the smell of the ocean or the breeze against my body and especially being submerged completely in the oceans water I feel healed.

For the last 6months I have been in deep immense pain and crying most days, unlike me. No matter how many times I went to the beach I couldn't feel anything. Not understanding what was wrong with me Peter appeared in my life, a message I couldn't un see.

Peter was a direct guide into my body removing the weight of pain memories from the past and my present, helped me to see I store my emotions  deeply. A conversation I have had many times with no one to understand my questions or to understand what I see untill now. 

Peter unlocked blockages I didn't even know i had. This was the beginning of truly learning what I am. I have also reached the point of no pain as I now understand why it's there and have the tools to go through it.

Peter has been an investment for myself. Game changer 🙏

Litiana Tabua.jpg

Litiana Tabua

Peter, I just wanted to say how grateful to you I am. 
A humble man with a Powerful gift. You have helped me unlock doors that have been hard for me to get through. Your Guidance has Motivated and Encouraged me to gain clearer insight by attending to the deeper meaning of inner life, by breaking down those barriers to my Mental and Emotional state that needed healing. This has helped me open my eyes in order to see the deeper connection that my soul has forever been longing for, to act more wisely with my time, energy and space, I’m thankful for your time and energy as I believe that it is not by coincidence. 
I felt incredibly comfortable with you, a familiar energy that was enjoyable. Your gift has changed my life forever and I will never forget that. I want to express my Respect and Appreciation for your services as I highly recommend you to all who come your way. Looking forward to our future sessions. Gratitude & Blessings your way.


Rianna Anderson

I really feel grateful to have been guided in healing by Peter. It's incredible uplifting not only to receive healing, but to have met another soul who really "gets it" and whose advice wisdom is given in such a kind and strengthening way. I would certainly recommend his gifts to anyone no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

Arlen Guadamuz_edited.jpg

Arlen Guadamuz

I had very clouded thoughts, insecurities and doubts.
Now I am feeling clear energy around me, I feel like nothing can hurt me or take my peace away. It is in my mind " learn the lesson " let go and go with the flow.
Yes I feel the difference the release is working. I feel that my traumatic experiences are gone, even if I try to remember there is no emotions attached to my past bad experiences. I went out for a walk in nature today and felt the freedom that you described.

Amanda Gawrysz.jpg

Amanda Gawrysz

Peter came across my path at a time in my life when I had tried what felt like everything. At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and ADHD. I suffered for years with suicidal thoughts, intense hopelessness, seeing therapists, and taking pharmaceutical cocktails with no help or light at the end of the tunnel. Then, many years later, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease not knowing what awaited me. I was in complete denial of the Lyme diagnosis until a year later when I began exhibiting strange aches and pains all over my body, neuropathy, dizziness, the list went on and on. For the next 4 years, the Lyme journey began, going from doctor to doctor, blood test after blood test, crazy elimination diets, and so many supplements I was vomiting at one point. Two years ago my spiritual journey began as I started working with energy healers looking for anything to help relieve my discomforts and emotional burdens. I was at the end of the road with still no hope in sight and no relief. Then came along Peter who I now know was placed on my path for a reason. The last 6 weeks working with Peter has been a rollercoaster full of extreme lows, but most importantly many extreme highs. Learning to love myself and my body again after years of feeling like my body was failing me has not been an easy journey, but it has been an amazing one. I never realized how much body shaming, self-hate, negativity, complaining, and toxic subconscious programming I developed over the course of my life. Peter’s non-judgmental, understanding, intuitive, observant, and trustworthy nature gave me a safe place to express myself and to feel like I matter. His compassion, empathy, and continuous coaching and emotional support in between his incredible clearings and healings is what I needed most. He never gave up on my spiritual growth and the challenging times I faced over these last 6 weeks as my traumas were boiling to the surface to be released. I am so grateful beyond words to have found someone like Peter who has been able to pull me out of years of shadows and darkness. I can FINALLY and honestly say that the purity of my soul is emerging. I feel so much more love towards myself and others. I understand the lessons behind all my suffering and I have shown gratitude, forgiveness, and released them. I feel so much peace inside and wholeness everywhere that I was broken. The Phoenix is rising out of the ashes and I am experiencing freedom from chronic pain and dis-ease. I am beginning to love life again. I am dancing again. I am singing again. I am smiling and laughing again ALL thanks to the amazing angel, Peter, who with his patience and determination to show me the way to my highest potential never gave up. For that I am eternally grateful. We all have an innate ability to heal and Peter opens the door for this path to unfold. He truly has an incredible gift.  Thank you Peter for everything. I am a reborn soul because of you. 
🙏Peace and love ❤,

Edgar Lugo.jpg

Edgar Lugo

Peter Hinton is so Amazing. I had a healing Session with him recently, and he was very knowledgable about what he does. He explained everything in detail because I had a few questions before we had started with my Energy Healing Session.
Once we got started I felt so relaxed while talking with him throughout the session. His work is Incredible, and I Highly Recommend you have him help you with a Session yourself.
You, Will, Feel so Amazing and Relaxed once the session is completed, and you will feel lighter as well. Thank You, Peter Hinton, for not only helping thru my situation but also becoming my great Friend. God Bless

Meditation by the Sea


I was referred to Peter by a friend that felt I needed his help. 
I have tried everything. 
Alcohol and marijuana were not the relief I needed they brought temporary relief but not the healing I sought. I needed spiritual relief.
Yoga and meditation pointed me in the right direction but I was looking for light and realised I had to address my darkness. 
In the midst of my battle between the light and the dark I reached out to Peter. 
I was stuck in an emotional rut. 
I had pain I blamed on athletic injuries that did not respond to western medicine. 
I needed to release things I was unable to recognise let alone begin to address in order to heal. Emotions that caused blockage. 
The things in life  we often define as our commitments or loyalties to our families our partner or the things we have reverted to using as our coping skills needed to be examined. 
Peter is a gentle compassionate spirit. 
I have experienced exponential results in my time working with him and both physical and emotional relief. 
Peter is a true healer and I am fortunate that I was guided to him and grateful for the results I have received. 
Thank you Peter you are a gift. 

Daniel Williams_edited.jpg


I would like to share my recent experience with Peter Hinton.

My reason for seeing Peter was that I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for a long time.

As a child, I had a fairly traumatic upbringing. At an early age being given away by my natural birth mother and being placed into foster care.

I along with my natural birth sisters, moved from foster home to foster home, some places ok but others not so nice.

It was only as I was entering my early to mid 20’s that I noticed that that my experiences as a child, was starting to effect my life in a vary negative way.

Although at first, I thought the way that I was living, my actions/ reactions were just normal behaviour, (that I may just be a little sensitive).

However, I was starting to distance myself from close friends, and finding that I would overthink, analyse and was always trying to please people in both work and social situations.

I finally came to the realisation that “Rejection” as a little child, was affecting my life. I was now dealing with anxiety and depression as an adult.

After my first consolation with Peter Hinton, he provided me with confidence within myself.

The key ingredient “LOVE”. To be able to love myself again, love others and also forgive.

He provided me with tools, and coping mechanisms so that I could continue healing.

I feel as though I have now been able to shine, all of the clouds have subsided, and the sunlight is shining through.

I would highly recommend Peter as a person/ professional, and a true gentleman.

He is a very a soft, warm hearted person, that will always listen with compassion and understanding.

Although my story may be different to others, Peter has most definitely helped me on my journey to happiness.

Regards, Daniel.

Bridal Bouquet

Hajah B.

" Peter is an amazing healer that I was intuitively lead to.  He is very calm,  patient and definitely delivers on his word.  He offers unlimited follow up access to him after sessions and genuinely gives of himself. He overdelivers for the exchange of monitory energy he asks for.  I would absolutely recommend him to anyone; from a beginner on a awakened journey; to someone who has been consciously living for what we experience as years in this lifetime.  Thank you Peter, as you have healed me and because we are one... you have been participative in healing the world🙏🏾❤️✨"

Best always, 

Hajah B.

Fillipa Johansson.jpg

Fillipa Johansson

I received a for me, heart-opening healing from Peter yesterday, and he is a warm, loving and kind man who I would highly recommend, i felt all my chakras very clearly as Peter guided through the healing, it was an amazing experience for me.

Sarah Green.jpg

Sarah Green

A wonderful and unique experience with Peter that resonated with me deeply, has helped move me forward and enabled me to trust my inner voice. Thank you.

Valanda Vorhauer_edited.jpg

Valanda Vorhauer

Hey Peter Here is my testimonial: I have struggled for many years with life. I am an empath and I suffered greatly from the leaching of energy that comes from just being around people. Depression, health issues and the feeling of wanting to give up has haunted me for years. I began following Peter Hinton in 2018 on Instagram and I had been drawn to his encouragement and words of wisdom. I knew I intrinsically had issues that needed healing and there was no way I could do it on my own. I had an amazing session with Peter. All I can say is I was able to breakdown the issues that haunted me and Peter helped me clear those blockages and taught me how to remove them. Since then I have felt as if a weight had been lifted physically and spiritually. I am now understanding how to use my empathic abilities and I am working towards deeper self-study. If you are contemplating giving Peter a ring, don’t hesitate! Do it!

Susan Thomson_edited.png

Susan Thomson

I would like to thank Peter for the most profound healing sessions which have taken place over the last few weeks. Peter did a through job in assisting me to release blocked energy and trauma from my past. Peter also worked on healing some health issues and my low self esteem. 
Peter is very genuine and compassionate and soon puts you at ease allowing you to open up. Not only has he helped with healing but also brought about positive changes for me, I feel more grounded and lighter like all my burdens have been lifted. I have been healed on all levels, mind, body and spirit. A truly gifted healer. Anyone thinking about quantum healing please give it a try, you will be glad you did .
Namaste Susan Thomson 

Josh Dadzie.jpg

Josh Dadzie

Peter has done wonders for me, the tools he uses work a treat. He has done more for me than the years of conventional medicine and psychology etc, his techniques are great. Peter, has a heart of gold, down to earth and so inviting. He is a beautiful soul. 
Thank you my friend.

Jamie Green.jpg

Jamie Green

I have been working with Peter through what at first seemed the most challenging time of my life. After my sessions with Peter, I have experienced and integrated deep healing and what once felt traumatic, I now know is growth and expansion. What, before was just intellectual knowledge, I now hold in grounded integrity within my bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. His guidance has been an incredible support in my awakening and transformation. Give yourself an act of kindness and self love and book a session with Peter!

Dorottya Kuremszki.jpeg

Dorottya Kuremszki

I had the honour to connect with Peter who was more than genuine to help and heal me. It is something that so valuable you cannot find somewhere else and gives you a rebirth on every level you need. The healing process was clearing out my negativity, my worries I have carried so long and I did not understand the root cause of them. Since he started the healing after a few days I’ve felt a huge difference in my energetic level, my emotions are shifted, my anxiety was gone. In the beginning I was facing my limiting beliefs, my triggers, all of my reaction which were less than love, came to the surface to show them to me and with realisation and acceptance I released them. That was the clearing that everybody needs in order to connect to their heart more deeply. I had so much blockages in my physical body I was not aware of and with Peter undivided attention and understanding, as he always knew how to direct me closer to my true essence I released them. That is a true gift you can give to yourself and I feel infinite gratitude for his work, which speaks on the level of energy, love and healing. He always knew how to guide me, he has powerful healing energy in his voice and his devotion to your healing is something can not be described with words. I do not remember when was the last time I had so much peace inside of me, everything just fall in to their place now. I feel light, I feel trust and faith inside of me and now I know how to listen to my intuition as my guiding source. I know that there was a purpose behind that I have found Peter even it was just a feeling that guided me.I now know how to listen and how to trust in everything just as its unfolding. Thank you.

Melissa Nowiki_edited.jpg

Melissa Norwiki

HI Peter,

I wrote the testimonial below  Thank you again for your help and not giving up on me.  I know that each day I am becoming stronger and more confident because of the work you have done for me! I truly appreciate everything!

I was referred to Peter by my acupuncturist to help me deal with root causes of my mental health issues.  My time working with Peter has been an eye-opening experience!  He is truly gifted in the way that he can help you heal with his kindness, patience and wisdom.  Thanks to Peter I was able to release the negative energy, past and current karma and drama that was affecting my life.  I feel the positive energy growing inside me each day.  I am living in the present moment instead of thinking about the past and future  Overall, I am more confident in who I am and who I want to be with the tools that he provides you with to continue your healing journey.  He never gives up on you and wants nothing but the best for you.  I highly recommend working with Peter if your want to live your life to the fullest and have past experiences that are holding you back! Thank you Peter.  



Lisa Fleisher

Quantum Energy Healing is amazing! This process is unlike any other healing therapy that I have been through. I discovered Peter through Instagram almost 2 years ago. As time went on  his messages continued to resonate with me. I finally reached out to Peter to find out more about the process at a time where I had been feeling “off”, for a while, and had been carrying feelings of anxiety and sadness. The weight of these feelings is a heavy load. 

Soon after starting to work with Peter, I felt lifted. I felt hopeful and light and bright. The old feelings would sprinkle in as well but as the days went on, up to our session, they dissipated. After our session I feel unburdened by the heavy weight of patterns and issues I had been carrying with me. I feel refreshed and light and have clarity. 

Thank you Peter 🙏🏼....I enthusiastically recommend Peter and Quantum Energy Healing!! 


Anita Jamison

Peter has helped to create great change in my life and fast track my spiritual growth. So much so that I now am noticing the difference in my physical well being. I am gaining more energy than I have in years, releasing old negative patterns that no longer serve my highest good. Peter has a gift that does indeed help to shift energetic patterns to create permanent change.




When I finally made the decision to reach out to Peter I was at my lowest point. As an empath, I struggle with balance as I often take on too much and the stress of it was taking its toll on my health. My twin sister was worried. She knew that I had looked into Quantum Energy Healing with Peter and she reached out to him to arrange a session for me.

Naturally I was a little apprehensive. A little scared. Part of me thought that it wouldn’t work for me. But I’m here to tell you that one session and follow up with Peter has been life changing. That session was the beginning to my healing. The beginning of something that I am still pinching myself about. The peace. The joy. The love I have of and for myself and the divine discovery of who I am. Did it happen overnight? No. That healing session was the catalyst to a deeper healing and self-love journey and my life hasn’t been the same since.



Layli Ericks

Hello dear Peter. Thank you. I am happy dear Peter. 
🙏🏼❤️ I have been thinking of writing you my testimonial for a while now, but I didn’t know how to put my feelings and experience into words. Since my month session with you my inner life has shifted. It is like a part of me that was chained down has been shown the door to freedom. The cloud that forever seemed to shade my life experience has dissipated gradually and a new light is my reality now. I cannot put into words exactly what has changed, but I am now ME. My nine year old son told me the other day, “Mom, you are a really happy person”, and those were such special words to hear after struggling with sadness for so long. I feel that you helped me cut away energies that were not mine as well as self-imposed weights that I had put upon myself. Thank you Peter and may all the blessings that you give to others be multiplied for you.  🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Sonia Conn

Dear Peter, thank you, thank you, thank you for your incredible support and compassion through a very difficult time. You have certainly lifted the weight and given me hope again. With your support and teachings I continue to grow each day and am now more than ever before excited for a much brighter future. Bless you for bringing me back to life, I will be eternally grateful. Warm regards Sonia x


Hi Peter, 

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that a year on I am still going strong and loving life. 

You really did bring me back. Life as I knew it before meeting you has permanently left the building 😁

So this is what freedom feels like! 


Thank you, thank you, thank you 

again. I will be eternally grateful. 


Tenille Exner, Canada

Like most people, I was skeptical to work with Peter.

Because he is very far from me as I reside in Canada. Also I had no personal recommendations because no one I knew had obviously acquired his services.

I don’t know what kept compelling me towards him.

But something did. And I am so pleased I listened to my Intuition!!

I took many days before writing this because I wanted to make sure my results were real and staying.

They are. And I feel amazing! I have this inner sense of Confidence and Joy and Peace now.

I also have lost 5 of the 10 pounds we chose to clear as well!!!

I highly recommend Peter’s services IF you are ready to really let the sh** go!