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As a life coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.

Jatinder Singh reviewed Peter Hinton — 5 star

March 14 ·

Peter is really a gifted healer, he helped me to heal my back pain and dissolve a fist like blockage. Thanks Peter.

Working with Healing By Spirits was a life-changing experience. I learned how to appreciate the difficult moments of life and not let them define me. Healing By Spirits brought out the characteristics and talents that I never knew I possessed. If for any reason you are feeling stuck, I highly recommend working with them.”

Jatinder Singh

Angela Byrne reviewed Peter Hinton — 5 star

March 31 at 1:55am ·

I could feel the blocks as they were being removed. Peter gave me a lot of information and I would seriously recommend him.

I wasn’t very satisfied with my life when I first contacted Healing By Spirits. Now, after just a few sessions, I feel like an entirely different person. I can’t recommend these coaching sessions enough.”

Angela Byrne

Audra Knoll reviewed Peter Hinton — 5 star

March 13 ·

He is seriously amazing!!! If you ever want to try holistic healing, I would go here first.

Audra Knoll

Chas Rathaur reviewed Peter Hinton — 5 star

April 15 at 11:57pm ·

Peter Is a gifted spiritual healer, there are many healers that are able to heal but every once in a while a one is placed amongst us that can perform miracles. Peter is that someone! We all (including us healers) need healing and Peter is a both a healer of healers and non healers.

Contact him and be prepared to accept the new better you!

Chas Rathaur

Cecilia Baskaran

March 8 at 7:12pm

Although I am an Aura Healer myself, my spirit had been resonating at a very low frequency after a double surgery last Dec just before Christmas. For nearly ten days I had been praying for someone to heal me just as I guide others towards their healing and the heavens answered in the guise of Peter Hinton. I explained the issues of karmic debts and physical health that I was facing and Peter Hinton guided me through a healing with many Angels and Two Masters. As he guided me through, I saw the angels ministering to me and they removed karmic clutter from my spinal cord and between my legs and received soothing light energy which returned calmness and tranquility to my soul. If you need a break, tune in to Peter and he will guide you to your solution. Thanks Peter and God bless your journey.

Cecilla Baskeran

Varun Rengarajan reviewed Peter Hinton — 5 star

March 13 ·

Felt really good after having a session. Thanks Peter

Varun Rengarajan

Michaela Jo Frew

March 16 at 12:08pm

:) thank you for your healing work..love an light is blessed upon me through your work xx thank you

Michaela Jo Frew

Laura Gordon

December 18, 2017

hello everyone, i am happy to say i have finally found a sense of hope. a man i met online Peter Hinton has taken the time to do a healing for me for 15 minutes long distance. I had a huge weight on my shoulders of loseing my home 2 years ago and struggling sense. with the new year coming it just made me all the more depressed seeing i haven't gotten anywhere. i needed healing, a sense of hope to move forward and attract better circumstances in my life. well last night he did a healing session with me long distance. an hour or two later i started feeling different. i started actually laughing and joking with my children. the next day i had a new surge to look for better paying jobs and the feeling i might actually get them. then my twin sister(unknowing of the healing session ) starts trying to help me find better work. then my husband managed to fix my broke down car that day. so i feel like the healing had allowed me to attract good things.I would recommend him for anyone in need of a healing. He is on facebook. he is very patient and willing to help people.

Laura Gordon

Keerthika Ratnarajan

December 24, 2017

I was suffering from bipolar, mental illness, too much negative thoughts and no happiness in my life. I was feeling too much physical and mental chronic pain. One day, i found out about Peter Hinton on spiritual healers and received long distance one time healing and i started to feel different and Happy. My illnesses are getting cured. My happiness is increasing everyday. I started to feel the beautiful life again. Thank you peter hinton for helping me and curing me. Thank you for your help. If any one need healing and curing, peter hinton is willing to help you. Thank u

Keerthika Ratnarajan