How a small decision can turn your life around

Tomorrow is never promised. How easily we are consumed by meaningless things day to day while pushing important things aside. I was reminded today to live in the moment, laugh when you want to laugh and cry when you need to cry. Cherish every moment great or small, good or bad and love fiercely the things that ignite your soul.

We are given the opportunity to decide how we react and respond to situations and what we do with the aftermath. One small decision can turn your life around. During that pivotal moment when a situation arises; ask yourself "will this affect me five minutes from now, 30 minutes from now, one day from now" and so on... How you choose to respond is your responsibility.

Live aware, live free and be present. Enjoy each day for what it is. You will soon see changes in the world around you if you can begin with this one small decision.